About us
Batman - our resident Texas Longhorn steer. He is helpful as a lead cow in calmly leading new, young heifers around the farm to water and hay when it is moved.­
Batman - our resident Texas Longhorn steer. He is helpful as a lead cow in calmly leading new, young heifers around the farm to water and hay when it is moved.­

We are a small family farm raising beef cattle as close to natural as possible. Our cows are handled daily in a calm manner to keep them tame and with the least amount of stress as possible.

A little background story: Aitken Farm & Ranch is home to a couple different families. We began buying a single steer to put in the freezer for everyone on the farm and sold some excess cuts to friends and neighbors in 2010. The neighboring raw goat milk dairy was sold to a nice gentleman who approached us about buying beef from us to sell in his store, so we decided to purchase a couple extra young calves to raise up as grassfed for the neighbor. This went well for a number of years, until the neighbor sold a portion of his farm and his partners had their own beef cattle and no longer needed our extra cows. We slowly used the beef we had and pondered what to do next. While our neighbors moved to selling only ground beef and bulk orders, we decided we would give selling beef to the public a try! We worked with our butcher and obtained state approved labeling for our cuts. We priced our ground beef the same as the neighbor's so as not to compete and then price checked other area grass fed producers and priced our cuts for sale. This was January 2017 and we have been steadily growing. Our gate has unfortunately had to remain closed during open hours, hindering our growth, so we worked out a plan to open a store front between two gates along our driveway. This new store front should be open by the end of the summer 2018 and will allow us to close a gate keeping livestock in and open our main gate allowing customers the freedom to come and go without us having to open the gate each time! We started adding heifers or young cows to our purchases to allow for rebreeding. Unfortunately, buying cattle from the auction doesn't always work out, some were a bit skittish, some were fence jumpers, and some were just plain mean! With customers and children around we couldn't take the risk, so we have slowly cycled those cattle out and now have a small herd of 3 Angus heifers, 1 Angus bull, and a Charolais/Jersey cross heifer that was born here and bottle raised. We currently purchase our beef cows from a friend who raises them on grass only (just as we do our own) and takes them to the butcher for us when we are ready to restock the freezers or have a bulk order, but our end goal is only sell beef born and raised here on the farm. If all goes as planned, our heifers and bull should be having their first calves Spring 2019 and those first freezer camp calves should be ready to go around 2021. Our Charolais/Jersey cross is due June 2018, and the start on our way to having beef that has been grass fed here at the ranch from birth to butcher!

Hours of operation

Tuesday - Thursday : 2-7pm
1st & 3rd Saturdays 10am - 2pm
Mornings and Friday - Monday: By Appointment Only 

 We do ask that you please call when you arrive during our open hours so we may let you in the gate.

Why choose us
We offer only high-quality grassfed beef from Angus cows and one Jersey/Charbray cross cow raised on pasture and supplemented as needed with alfalfa pellets to help them to stay tame. Wild cows that are afraid of people are not as easy to handle, creating a stressful situation for us as well as the cattle. Stress hormones released in beef during handling and  the slaughter process lend an off taste and a tougher texture to the beef. Our cattle are allowed the chance to remain on their mother until she chooses to wean and are raised in a herd enviroment with their mother, aunts, and "dad" (Batman the Longhorn looks at all the calves as his own and takes great pride in his herd) In addition to our Angus cows we have a Jersey cross heifer that will make a great nurse cow offering extra milk in the event we need to bottle raise any calves and she already lets other cows' calves steal a nurse here and there (despite being a heifer that has not calved herself and is not in milk)