Ordering Beef in Bulk


1/8, 1/4, 1/2, & Whole Beef

In addition to retail priced cuts, we also offer bulk orders of beef and a 20lb box of Ground Beef for $120 - a savings of $1 per pound.

When ordering bulk beef with most places, you have to deal with the butcher yourself, pay a hefty deposit, wait up to 6 weeks, pay multiple fees/rates for just one order, & pick the order up from the butcher yourself! We take the stress out of bulk ordering while still offering the choice you want in ordering a cow!  We charge a single flat fee per pound (no extra charge for vacuum seal, kill fee, or other fees),$50 deposit and  $7.25 for 1/8, $100 deposit and $7.00 for 1/4, $200 deposit and $6.75 for 1/2, & $300 deposit and $6.25 for whole. Every cow varies in weight, but based on the average you can look at the chart below to get an idea of how many pounds of each type of cut you will get, total cost, retail price of that amount of beef, & estimated savings buying in bulk vs retail .  These calculations are based on our last cow we ordered for ourselves, which had a hanging weight of roughly 350lbs. *Organs and single cow cuts (ex: Hanger Steak) are only available with Whole Beef purchases, but can be added to smaller purchases at retail cost when available. We can not offer any of our discounts on bulk order purchases as they are already heavily discounted.

Come in today to fill out a bulk beef order sheet!

*Deposit is NON-Refundable

Bulk Order Info­ 1/8­­ 1/4­ 1/2 Whole
Ground Beef­ 18lbs 32lbs 66lbs 130lbs
Steaks ~12lbs ~20lbs ~42lbs ~82lbs
Roasts & Misc. ­ ~16lbs ~28lbs ~58lbs ~114lbs
Total Weight­ ~46lbs ~80lbs ~166lbs ­ ~326lbs
Total Bulk Price­ ~$333.50 ­ ~$560 ~$1120.50 ~$2037.50
25% Deposit­ ~$83.38 ~$140 ~$280.13 ~$509.38
Retail Price ­ $418 $722 $1501 $2945
Bulk Buy Savings­ ~$84.50 ~$162 ~$380.50 ~$907.50