Helpful Info:

We aren't able to offer a mobile petting zoo at this time. Weather permitting, we try to have some of our petting zoo critters in a pen near our store on Saturdays 10-4 (check facebook or call to make sure what animals will be available before heading out, please.)

Countless Blessings Petting Zoo 

Our website is still under construction, but enjoy a little tidbit about us.To the left is Batman our resident Texas Longhorn, for now, he will be giving you the tour of the place! We are a small family owned and ran farm with petting zoo. We have an American Quarter Horse, a Tennessee Walking Horse, 2 American Shetland Ponies, a Miniature Horse, a few beef cows, 2 Texas Longhorns, various breeds of chickens, ducks, a gander (who thinks he is a duck or that the ducks are geese), peacocks, sheep, various breeds of goats, a Kune Kune pig, and a Great Pyrenes Anatolian Shepherd dog to protect our small animals and chickens. We open our gates to homeschool groups, scout groups, and daycare field trips to come visit the animals up close and personal. You will learn a bit about each animal we have on the farm while getting to pet and feed them. We are a working farm and most of our animals are used for the purpose they were bred for.
  Please check back often as our page grows wild on the farm!

Hours of Operation 

Mon-Sat: by appointment only  Sun: Closed